Enactus Saint Mary’s is a volunteer based society run by students who are looking to impact the lives of others through entrepreneurial actions. There are 150 students with diverse backgrounds currently working on seven projects, one of these projects is their very own social enterprise, Square Roots. 

Square Roots is a not-for-profit that focuses on selling ‘seconds’ fruit and vegetables that would have otherwise gone to waste, and puts it into the hands of those who need it the most! They source this produce from local farms and distribute it around the HRM. 

Right now they are donating locally produced fresh fruits and vegetables to our vulnerable community members. In total Square Roots gave away 5,500 pounds of free vegetables since the start of this global crisis, and plan to donate an additional 7,000 pounds this coming week. None of which would be possible without the amazing help from our team members and supporters.

A huge thank you goes out to all of the volunteers. Every veggies sorter, delivery driver, and organizer deserves all of the recognition in the world. Here are just a few we would like to mention:

Jason Craig who started this initiative and organized the delivery of 200 vegetable bundles to community members this weekend.

Yvonne Noel who not only organized a vegetable pickup, but partnered with multiple community organizations to grow her operation; this includes Ben’s Bakery Outlet to give away bread and english muffins.

Ossama Nasrallah and Omar Ahmad Al Shafei from The Harbour Watercraft Tours & Adventures who graciously reached out and devoted their time (and truck) to delivering bundles to families in need.

Hannah Tibbet and Melissa Baxter who have been helping organize behind the scenes as the Project Managers of Square Roots Bundle. 

Everyone who has helped out in any way is greatly appreciated and Square Roots could not have done this without you! 

You can follow Squarerootssmu on Facebook on Instagram to find out how to access the veggies and when and where they are being donated. 

You can use this link if you are interested in donating to help out the cause!


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