Earlier this month we chatted with the SMUSA Pack Leaders during Welcome Week to find out their best advice to help first year students settle into Halifax. Here are their Top 30 Tips to get you through the year!

  1. If you’re lost, bus 4, 10, 14 or 29 will get you to campus
  2. Visit the Entrepreneurship Centre for advice and business resources
  3. Always stay tuned to your brightspace
  4. Get involved on campus
  5. Tim Horton’s is always very busy. Never expect to have enough time to stop by right before class
  6. Make friends in your classes so you can have study partners
  7. Write down assignments, midterm and final dates in your calendar 
  8. You can get student discounts all around town
  9. Every student gets a bus pass. Make sure you pick it up, you never know when you’ll be stuck in a snow-storm
  10. Get some fresh air at Point Pleasant Park, it is just down the street from Saint Mary’s 
  11. Remember to take some time for yourself
  12. Don’t forget to use your flex dollars 
  13. Each professor has office hours, so make sure to stop by
  14. Go to SMU sporting events and wear your husky swag
  15. There’s a hair salon in Vanier Residence with great service
  16. There is free food at the SMU Community Food Room
  17. The Halifax Seaport Farmers Market is a nice place to go on a Saturday morning 
  18. Midterms are just as important as your final. Make sure to study
  19. If you need help revising papers, check out the Writing Centre in the Burke Building 
  20. The Husky Patrol is a safe way to get a ride home until 12:00 am 
  21. Look into travel abroad opportunities
  22. There is trivia night every Wednesday in the Gorsebrook
  23. Every student gets a free gym membership at the Homburg Centre 
  24. The Halifax Public Library is a great place to study 
  25. There is a counselling Centre on the 4th floor of the SUB 
  26. There’s a Math Help Centre in the Sobey Building with great student tutors 
  27. Use SMUWorks to find job opportunities on and off campus
  28. Want to learn from SMU alumni?? Ten Thousand Coffees is a platform that connects students with alumni for career inspiring conversation
  29. There is 24-hour parking past the bridge on Tower Road
  30. Go explore downtown Halifax. There are so many coffee shops, restaurants, and stores to see 


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