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Join us for a Discover & Learn Event!

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Join us for a Discover & Learn Event!

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Craig Flinn

Owner Chives/2 Doors Down

BA’93, Saint Mary’s University

After completing a geography degree at Saint Mary’s, the culinary arts might have seemed like an unusual departure for chef and restaurant owner, Craig Flinn. But it turns out, the two fields have more in common than you might think.

Craig will tell you that you can learn a lot about a region through its food and culture. It’s a belief that has served him well in restaurants in Europe and here at home. With a focus on cooking local and building relationships with producers, Craig opened Chives Bistro in 2001, followed by 2 Doors Down in 2013.

After nearly two decades in the restaurant business, and with a team of 65 behind him, Craig is still passionate about collaborating with other chefs, and creating a great dish.

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