Deeksha Bhaskar

Co-owner, Rasa: Flavours of India

BA’20, Saint Mary’s University

If passion is the key to success, then you can call it the Bhaskar family’s secret ingredient.

Guided by her parents, Deeksha is one of Halifax’s youngest restaurateurs, who opened Rasa: Flavours of India in 2018 at the age of 21.

Rasa – a Hindi term meaning essence or taste – brings just that. Everything is made to order, giving them the unique ability to find something to fit everyone’s palate.

Deeksha cites her time at Saint Mary’s as playing an integral role in preparing her for business. Being able to explore the entrepreneurial world in supportive environments such as Enactus Saint Mary’s and the Saint Mary’s Students’ Association helped her gain inside knowledge into how businesses in Halifax operate. She was also able to make connections and build relationships with other business owners across the HRM – something that greatly contributed to the inception of Rasa, and continues to aid in its growth.

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