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Join us for a Discover & Learn Event!

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Join us for a Discover & Learn Event!

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Janet Chiang

Business Development Manager, GoSky

BComm ’16, Saint Mary’s University

Winning a global chatbot building contest seemed like a long shot for Janet Chiang’s small digital marketing company.

ChatFuel is a leading platform for creating chatbots on Facebook, and as a recent grad, Janet entered their annual competition hoping to gain some experience with her company, GoSky. Her expectations weren’t high—but to her surprise, her team ended up placing fourth for their creative chatbot design.

Janet calls that moment the catalyst that kick-started the growth of her company. For her, building chatbots is all about improving a customer’s experience online by answering questions faster and streamlining services. It’s an approach that has paid off, and armed with new leads and confidence, GoSky now has team members building bots around the world.

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