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Join us for a Discover & Learn Event!

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Join us for a Discover & Learn Event!

A business plan will help you take your original idea and bring it to life. It’ll be the map that will turn your vision into a successful and fully functioning business.

Shelley Simpson

CEO, Prism Lighting Group

MTEI’16, Saint Mary’s University

Shelley Simpson has always had a passion for providing business solutions to bring new technology to life, which is why Saint Mary’s University’s Masters of Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation program was the perfect fit to hone her existing skillset.

A natural trailblazer, Shelley is at the forefront of innovation leadership. It was this keen sense of leadership coupled with a unique expertise in business development that led her to take on the position of CEO at Prism Lighting Group™ – the only company dedicated to providing specialty lighting in both Canada and the United States.

Shelley also believes in giving back to her community by providing business development and mentoring support to other women entrepreneurs. As the former Executive Director of the Centre for Women in Business, and one of the founding members of the National Task Force for Women’s Business Growth, she is committed to supporting her community and leading the charge in her industry.

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