Entrepreneurial Mindset Certification

COVID-19 Career Resiliency Edition

Entrepreneurial Mindset Certificate: For Persons Living with a Self-Identified Disability

Helping the work force adopt an Entrepreneurial Mindset to better prepare for a changing job market.

The Saint Mary’s University Entrepreneurship Centre has developed essential online workshops for persons who self-identify as living with a disability. As part of the Entrepreneurial Mindset Certificate, we aim to support individuals who have found themselves unemployed or unable to find employment due to COVID-19.

The Certificate takes a customized approach to providing relevant skills training and exposure to entrepreneurship, with the goal of helping individuals feel prepared to reenter a new and changed job market, return to work, or start their own business.

February 2022

Supporting Persons Living with Disabilities


Program Details

Registration: Open Date : January 12 2022  Close Date : January 31 2022 

Workshops :February 1 2022 to February 24 2022

Location : Training to be delivered online via Zoom: 1:00pm -3:00pm AST

Frequency: Workshops on Tuesdays & Thursdays  + Optional Activities & Coaching on Wednesdays

Training Topics


Creative Thinking & Problem Solving


Expanding Your Virtual Network


Intrapreneurship: Unleash Your Inner Entrepreneur


Career Experts Panel


Mastering Self-Motivation


Navigating the Hidden Job Market


Roundtable Discussion: The Search for Employment Opportunities


Adaptability: The New Competitive Advantage

* Topics subject to change

may, 2022

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Want to know more about this program? Email us at  Abygael.Cox@smu.ca
If you are a SMU student, click here instead to learn more about our RBC Talent Hub Entrepreneurial Mindset Success Certificate


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