ENbassador Program

The Saint Mary’s University Entrepreneurship Centre is a leading provider of university-based business support services in Atlantic Canada. Over the past 25 years, the SMUEC has worked to enhance our community’s prosperity by helping businesses and student leaders reach their full entrepreneurial potential. 

The entrepreneurial mindset is embedded in everything we do. Our Centre believes that students from all faculties, pursuing various career paths, can benefit from developing their entrepreneurship skills. Skills such as creativity, strategic thinking, resiliency, networking, and public speaking can benefit everyone, whether you want to start your own business one day or secure a dream job working for an employer. In 2018, we recruited a team of student entrepreneurship ambassadors from all faculties at Saint Mary’s University, and we called it the ENbassador Program. Since then, we’ve grown, engaging hundreds of students each year, building a reputation for the program. 

The ENbassador Program is a student-led initiative that aims to inspire an entrepreneurial mindset through the planning and promotion of entrepreneurship activities held virtually and on-campus. ENbassadors are entrepreneurial leaders at Saint Mary’s University; a peer-resource for students who want to be exposed to the entrepreneurial ecosystem and develop their entrepreneurial skills. 

Each year we form a new group of diverse Undergraduate and Graduate level students studying everything from Engineering, Computer Science, Marketing, Biology, Psychology, you name it! The ENbassador team is the key link between the student body and the Saint Mary’s University Entrepreneurship Centre. ENbassadors bring new and creative ideas to our team, helping us brainstorm and plan entrepreneurship events and activities that are faculty-specific. 

Email your resume to Leslie Arsenault at leslie.gates@smu.ca 

Being an ENbassador this year has helped me better understand the importance of entrepreneurship and how it positively impacts students from all faculties. I am thankful that Saint Mary’s and the Entrepreneurship Centre are putting such an emphasis on student entrepreneurship. It is inspiring and motivating. 

Holly Foxall

MTEI ENbassador, 2018-2019

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