International Student Think Tank

Bridging the gap between international students and the local business community

The International Student Think Tank is a seven-month pilot program with training and experiential learning based components, open to post-secondary students/graduates from across the province. Both components will work to build an opportunity for international students to learn, engage, and be inspired while helping build our local business community.

As the project lead, the SMUEC and partner organization V-Care International Student Success Society have complementary skillsets and networks, creating a unique foundation to build programs supporting international students and the local economy.

Participants Criteria

  • All the students who registered will receive 1 week of in class training/workshops (entrepreneurial mindset, consulting skills, professional development, etc.), and add-on training sessions on improving your job searching skills during summer time.
  • Student consulting “Think Tank” to run for 12 weeks following training
  • Students within the cohort will apply/compete to work on the consulting projects for 5 local businesses (including both mature and start-up), solving the businesses’ issues with new perspectives and skills and providing insight and access to new markets
  • Cohort students will receive ongoing coaching and additional training throughout consulting projects
  • 10 weeks of follow-up and mentoring post program
  • Participants will receive honorarium

Benefits for Businesses

  • The International Student Think Tank aims to fill the gap between international business research and practical business problems.
  • International students have diverse knowledge and skills that are not available in the local labour pool.
  • All the students in the program will receive professional training from SMUEC to prepare them enter the workplace, and continue one on one coaching during the program
  • International students can help local businesses by providing new fresh perspectives, routes to new local markets (such as targeting the growing international population), as well as export insights and connections from their home countries.
  • Access to SMUEC consultant service


The international student population continues to increase in Nova Scotia. As a growing part of the population, international students’ contributions to Nova Scotia’s economy and culture can’t be ignored; their total economic impact in Nova Scotia has been estimated at $231 million per year. These students also add immense cultural value to our province and institutions.

The orientation of the program will take place on the 23th September, 5pm-7pm, every students who registered will receive email from the organizer.



If you have questions, please contact the project manager Yifei

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