RBC Talent Hub Entrepreneurial Mindset Success Certificate

Part of our RBC Talent Hub program, the Entrepreneurial Mindset Success Certificate is a multi-level entrepreneurship training program offered to Saint Mary’s University students.

Focusing on soft and hard skill development, our workshops engage students through innovative problem solving, critical thinking, and communication activities. Through the incorporation of practical application exercises, we aim to increase our students’ confidence as they complete their programs, search for jobs, and transition into the workforce. At program completion, students will be awarded a RBC Talent Hub Entrepreneurial Mindset Success Certificate.

Level 1: Ignite

This level ignites students’ entrepreneurial minds and introduces them to a wide range of entrepreneurial skills that they will be able to develop while completing the Entrepreneurial Mindset Success Certificate. In this first level, students will identify the kind of mindset they have (managerial or entrepreneurial) and the skills required to develop either or. The Ignite level will give an introduction of essential entrepreneurial skills that they will later learn more in depth in Level 2 – Innovate, and then put to practice through Level 3 – Grow. 

The requirements to achieve this level are listed below:​

Introduction to the entrepreneurial mindset workshop (required), then two of the three following:​

  • Prototyping​
  • Thinking on Your Feet​
  • Social Entrepreneurship 101​

Level 2: Innovate

During this level, students already have a basic understanding of the entrepreneurial skills needed to thrive in today’s environment. Now, it is time for the students to identify which specific skills they want to grow and learn more in-depth. This include learning from experts, attending master classes, among other options to expand the skills they have chosen to learn. 

The requirements to achieve this level are listed below:  

  • Attend 1 SMUEC Webinar
  • Attend an RBC Talent Hub Workshop, topic of your choice 
  • Attend a SMUEC Master Class

Level 3: Grow

At this stage, the students have already identified which skills they possess and whether they associate themselves more to the entrepreneurial or managerial side in business. Based on this, they can seek for mentorship through SMU mentors who would help them to pursue, strengthen, and improve their skills. Most importantly, they will be guided on how to apply their set of skills in the real world and make a difference. In addition, they will be able to connect with entrepreneurs to increase their exposure and grow their network.  

Attend 3 of the following to obtain this level:  

  • Attend 1 SMUEC Networking Event and talk to three potential connectors  
  • Reach out to a new mentor in your field of interest, and meet with them to reflect on the new skills gained  
  • Attend 1 SMUEC Master Class, topic of your choice (should be different from the Master Class chosen in Level 2) 
  • Reflection Exercise
  • Enroll in the Founders Club - a gathering place for student and alumni entrepreneurs  

“Studying at Saint Mary’s University has given me an entrepreneurial mindset, allowing me to apply creativity and innovation into my future work”

Mehul Tanwar
Bachelor of Science, majoring in Computer Science

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