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Effective Study Techniques, Healthy Study Habits, Social Media Development, Entrepreneurship, Personal Development

Tashauna Reid is a 3rd-year international student from Jamaica completing a double major in Psychology and Biology. She first joined  SMUEC in January 2022 as a Project Assistant for the Ignition Program, helping to achieve the project’s objectives. Tashauna is a content creator/educational influencer on the popular social media platform known as TikTok attracting over 90,000 followers and counting (@collegelifeacademy). This page is dedicated to increasing the competence and confidence of students by offering effective study tips, techniques, and resources to make their studies more enjoyable and their learning experiences easier. Outside of work and school, Tashauna enjoys binge-watching videos of dramatic Siberian Huskies and fluffy Corgis, or her favorite lifestyle, fashion, and beauty vlogger on Youtube.

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