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Ignition Program

The Ignition Program 
The Sandbox Ignition program is a 10-week program that will provide students with access to training, resources, entrepreneurial ecosystems, and opportunities to engage with mentors already in the industry
You’re a student at any institution in Nova Scotia 
Access to the internet for virtual calls 
Open at all times, students are free to register at any point.
What’s in it for you?
Seminars &. Workshops
$20 per session attended
Creating connections
Building business ideas
Register to join our entrepreneurial ecosystem

august, 2022

The Spark Zone, a NS Sandbox located at Saint Mary’s University, offers resources for students exploring new ideas, launching entrepreneurial ventures, and developing social innovations. Our team provides students opportunities to develop their entrepreneurial side, hosting events throughout the year at which students connect with like-minded peers, potential mentors and industry experts. In addition to speakers, Master Classes and competitions, students can receive advice from professional consultants before their next big client meeting.

What We Offer

Gateway to Entrepreneurship

Connect with mentors, industry leaders, and students from other schools as you engage with the region’s entrepreneurship ecosystem

Events and Competitions

Develop your network and your skills as you develop innovative solutions to the world’s biggest challenges


Coaching and Consulting

Meet our team and get the help you need to move your ideas from concept to reality

Partner Institutions

The Spark Zone brings together students and community members to create, develop and ultimately launch business ideas and social innovations.  Partners at Saint Mary’s UniversityNSCAD UniversityMount Saint Vincent UniversityNova Scotia Community CollegeUniversity of King’s College, and the Atlantic School of Theology provide opportunities for people to connect and then nurture those connections as ideas become reality.


Tune in to podcasts hosted by The Spark Zone

#01 Which word comes first to mind when thinking of Entrepreneurship


Join the spark zone team in this week’s podcast with the 2020 entrepreneur of the year award winner Nevell Provo as they discuss student entrepreneurship in Nova Scotia.

Host and guests & Business :

Andrea Ondo & Knowledge 4 Students “K4S”  / @andreaberry_   @knowledge4students

Nevell Provo  & Smooth Meal Prep, R&B Kitchen  / @vellsmooth @smoothmealprep

Vimbayi Handara &  HairPlay /  @hair__playy   @smuec.ca

Jason Turner & The Spark zone  / jason.turner@smu.ca @thesparkzone


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